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1.一.近年來蒙特梭利教育學(Montessori-Padagogik)、耶納教育實驗(Jenaplan-Pad迎ogik)、鄕村教育學校之奧登 華得學校(Odenwaldschule)及賀曼--李兹學校(Hermann-Lietz-Schule)與華德福學校(Waldorfscbulpadagogik). >.等 教學方式與理辦學理念紛紛引進國内,試比較其內容與特色後做出分析。(25%)
2.二.請閱讀以下段落後,評析其中要點以及您的看法為何》(25%) Some of these schools are aimed at the increasingly large, mobile, global middle class, while others recruit local students whose parents are seeking high status English language education and qualifications for their children. Furthermore, working with a different direction of flow the national, public schools systems in countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia, are marketed by their governments to recruit fee-paying, overseas school students, from as young as five. In the case of New Zealand: 'The spectacular growth of its export education industry - as indicated by student numbers and estimates of foreign currency earnings - has been accompanied, by domestic and international government policies facilitating this trend* . This is what Martens and Starke call 'trade driven policy in education Small country, big business? New Zealand as an education exporter, and a group of like-minded countries, including New Zealand (the so-called 'Contact Group1 ),have been in the forefront of moves within the World Trade Organisation to facilitate the international deregulation of educational services.